3 Day First Aid at Work -In-house Course

Each 3 Day 'In-house' First Aid at Work Course takes place at your venue at the dates of your choosing.

Each course can cater for up to 12 candidates.

To book your course, Contact ARC on 0844 310 0747, alternatively use the Contact page form.

Course Information

This comprehensive Course is Health and Safety Executive approved and complies with the Health and Safety First aid at work Regulations 1981.

The aim of this course is to train candidates to manage an accident scene in the workplace, effectively communicate and delegate until the Emergency services arrive. The course will teach the skills needed to deal with a casualty who is unconscious, not breathing, injured (as a result of an accident at work) and/or suffering from a medical condition. The course also includes what to do after an accident or incident at work, reporting procedures, disposal of clinical waste and ensuring that your first aid kit complies with the standards set by the HSE.

3 Day First Aid at Work - In-house Course

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