Fiona Smith, Smith Contracts Ltd

"First aid builds confidence in dealing with any minor injuries likely to arise at work, especially in our industry. When we trained with ARC, there was a high degree of student involvement on the course, which we liked. We enjoyed the mix of learning styles, and found the course memorable and extremely useful - areas were covered in depth for us, like cuts to fingers and injury to the eye, which are common in the building sector. The knowledge we have gained in this area has been a huge benefit. Thanks to ARC for their professionalism and service."

Fiona Smith, Commercial Director

Debbie Watt, HSEQ Manager

Smith Contracts

"Our employees often work in isolation, and being trained in First Aid is essential to be able to deal with an accident before the arrival of the emergency services. First Aid is therefore an important skill as it not only assists co-employees - it is also important in terms of helping the public.

When we were trained by ARC Training, I really liked the level of involvement in the course that the tutors provided. It was very 'hands on'. ARC also provided training at our workplace, which was helpful and accommodating. ARC where also very flexible, time-wise.

The training was practical, and the tutorials and tasks we were given really made us think about what we were doing, and why we were doing it."

Debbie Watt, HSEQ Manager, Class One Traffic Management

Class One Traffic Management Ltd