First Aid Training Course Cost Comparison

The cost of First Aid Training can vary greatly between different course providers.

At ARC we have long recognised that the cost of training a First Aider and keeping their skills up to date must be measured across the length of time the certificate is valid. Thus the cost of training must include all costs incurred during that 3 year span.

As of August 2011, we have completed a study of our major competitors, and the 'Cost of Ownership' of a First Aider over these three years - the ongoing costs of retaining a First Aider in your place of work. The data is summarised below in two graphs.

The first graph shows the total cost, plus the cost per day, of ARC Training against another three training organisations.

As you can see, ARC works out significantly less expensive than the other organisations, and this represents better value for yourself and your organisation.

We have created this cost saving, which is passed on to you, through our continuing investment in online training and technology, which allows us to deliver courses at a very cost effective rate, and also keep your First Aiders up to date in their skills through monthly emails and online training.

In summary, ARC are 40% cheaper than our nearest competitor for candidates attending our Open Courses, and 90% cheaper than our most expensive competitor

First Aid Training Costs - Open Course

And for In-House training, where the training takes places in your venue, ARC are 78% cheaper than our nearest competitor, and 131% cheaper than the most expensive option.

First Aid Training Costs - In-House Course

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